I am Nikki Vieler, a Product Design student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. I am an Autonomous & Research Product Design student with added interests in Social & Commercial Design. I have a practice oriented around Digital Craft, Research and Ecology. I also have a large interest in the relationship between architecture and product design and I try to engage within that relationship through my work.

I like to research contemporary, historical, actual and relevant matter and design objects in accordance to that matter. I have research interests in Object Oriented Ontology, Digital Craft, Dark Ecology and the Silk Roads. In the end I hope to make Planet Earth a more hospitable and better place to live, by designing meaningful objects & methods of coexistence. I also seek to gain an understanding and become meaningfully politically engaged through my work.

Currently my research work is investigating the intersections of Agrilogstical Violence, Law, Polymer Objects and Human beings.

I have worked with polymers (wood, textiles and plastic), metals and I have a limited understanding and working experience with ceramics. I can work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Indesign. I have significant experience with Dassault Solidworks and I have some understanding of FEM analysis. I can also work with Microsoft Office.

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