Black is Beautiful

Black is a colour that is often left in the dark. I felt that this was a shame so I started to play with Black materials. After playing with many types, shades, glosses, reflections, absorptions & textures of Black, I decided to make a screen that plays with the absorption and reflection of light by a reflective and recycled black material. This shows a new enjoyment and play with the beauty of Black.

After all, if Black is the colour that absorbs all light and colour, then it surely deserves to be considered as beautiful as all other colours.

A video of the reflections & absorptions;

Some photographs of the final test samples:


Some photographs of the final test samples with a white studio background:


The main inspirations for this project are the relationship of the statement Black is Beautiful, Steven Biko, the movie Cry Freedom and the human struggle against racism all over the world.



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