Digitally Crafted Dark Ecological Scythe

Depicted below is a scythe that I made for the Digital Craft Autonomous practice at the Willem de Kooning. The final image is an illustration or visualization of Timothy Morton’s concept of Agrilogistics. The artistic statement explains my thoughts and reasoning in greater written depth.

This image is also a display of my ability to craft products using multiple techniques. The techniques are explained in greater detail in the latter images below. The main emphasis of the objects, was to explore carving as a digital crafting skill.


Depicted below are details of the final scythe that I made by combining techniques such as wood burning, spray painting, sanding, screwing, cutting, burning, varnishing and brushing. I recycled/used found materials (old and freshly cut wood found in the local environment and metal found in the metal workshop) to make this final object.



The object I created below is a sample made while experimenting with burning as a cutting technique.



The object depicted below is an object where I tried to combine and evaluate sanding and metal brushing as a technique to create different forms and surface finishes.


Depicted below is an object that I designed in Solidworks and milled on a 3d milling machine. I was instructed before and guided during the milling process.


Depicted below are two samples that I had made by sanding found pieces of wood into new forms.


Depicted below is where I took the carving of a particular material (wood-polymer) to the limits by investigating as many techniques and the concept of carving itself to the extreme limits.


For more detailed information one can visit:


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