Gender Fluid Keffiyeh

In a time of global human crises there is a need for a new Arab identity construction, the gender fluid Keffiyeh is a start to that.

As a substantial amount of western mainstream visual culture is often dictating and imposing harmful identity construtions onto the Common Arab, Nikki decided to design a keffiyeh for arabs that could counter that narrative.

Nikki then went with an Arab friend (Saad سعد ) and performed the Keffiyeh and new identity construction in Rotterdam Park.

Below is Nikki’s research document and documentation of his project.

Project document – Minor Visual Culture – Nikki Vieler (0840880)

Not every single detail is in accordance to Nikki’s view, so feel free to contact him if you have any questions.

The performance:

Keffiyeh design and Performance

Saad سعد holding the diagram of the keffiyeh.1

Further stills of the performance in Rotterdam.2345

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