Forensic Object Analysis

Forensic Object Analysis

Forensic Object Analysis is a counter cartography and visual inquiry of a polymer object (Treasure Chest) which was found in May, 2017 on Scheveningen Beach. The object itself is caught in complex systems & logistics which indirectly risk funding likely war crimes and verified human rights violations in Yemen. Therefore, a more indepthiness analysis is required. Forensic Object Analysis is the current product and result of this analysis and visual inquiry.


Borders are involved in these matters, however, for the Treasure Chest, they are of no value.

Grenzen zijn wel betrokken bij dit onderwerp, hoewel het Schatkistje er geen respect voor toont…

A more elaborate thank you will be written in due course to the many people involved in the project, however if you would like to be given credit where it is due, please send me an email…

If you wish to use the term Forensic Object Analysis; be my guest! However, citations or references to this project will be appreciated and expected. Anyone using the term Forensic Object Analysis and personal method (or making a claim to do so) without either my consent or sufficent citations or references will not  be respected and will be taken to court…

Any questions concerning this project are welcome and can be sent to

Primary sources are taken merely as objective sources and do not implicate the authors in any way.

Text is best understood in it’s context and is only partially available to the public…

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