Don’t Kick Me Helmet


The Don’t Kick Me Helmet and activist performace in the Hague and Rotterdam and are an autonomous design project formulated and enacted by Nikki Vieler, Andrew Vieler and Mohammed (a Syrian refugee) in 2018.

After finding a Target group (Mohammed) and listening to his demands (for people to stop kicking him around like a football) Nikki then designed a complex Football shaped helmet from laser cut 3d printed and thermoformed polymer components which where assembled and used to provide a simple demonstration against unhelpful conduct by people in front of the House of Representatives, at the Municipality building, at Scheveningen beach and in “Het Park” in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Full cooperation and persmission was sought and found with the Dutch authorities and security services in the Hague.

The initial project started with an exploration of the notion Ecological Autonomy.

The geometric form and description of this object is a partial oblate-spheroidic truncated icosahedron. Math and geometry connoiseurs might appreciate such an observation.


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