Catching Stories

Catching stories was a collaborative advertising campaign/magazine that was designed to capture the remarkable stories of the inhabitants of Charlois in Rotterdam.

A group of two lifestyle & design students (Ami Keita & Merel Klomp), two graphic design students (Wesley Overbeek & Elmar Janse) and I went into Charlois to develop a advertising campaign for the neighbourhood.

When we researched the area and it’s people, we noticed that amongst the wealthier and the poorer inhabitants, there were remarkable stories to be told. We felt that this was important to research and gather. We therefor decided to come up with techniques to collect and tell these stories in a magazine design.

My individual contribution was to design a net with which we could collect the information of the inhabitants of Charlois. We used this net to walk the streets of Charlois to collect the rather remarkable stories of the local inhabitants.

Picture below is the overall insight into our project and process.

Catching stories final

With this project, we had hoped to have given the voiceless stories of Charlois a voice, as many stories of Charlois had in our eyes, been negated by the mainstream media.


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