Plant N Band

Plant N Band was an advertising campaign that promoted the distribution of plants and the making of connections in the local neighborhood.

I participated in this project, by designing (to some extent) and manufacturing the plant pots and other merchandise for this project. The work was done within a collaboration of many students from many disciplines of the Willem de Kooning Academy.

I cooperated with distributing the plants and stimulating people to make connections with each other by sharing plants.

Later I also designed invitations to be hung on trees or other plants in the neighborhood.


The plants were distributed amongst the inhabitants of Charlois.


Multiple merchandising efforts were developed and made to stimulate the inhabitants of Charlois to participate.


Depicted below is an image of a linking tree pendant I made using a lasercutter and some printed stickers. They were temporarily placed in Charlois and where later removed.

Plant N Band boom plaatje

Depicted below are the logo’s of each plant, which can be found online.


11013_360112894191377_1273474599159936317_n11144929_360111740858159_4834125205509346710_n11146204_359864180882915_4141454651441722081_n11130023_359864007549599_7106438691954971744_n10955543_359864500882883_1665114279545902017_n10418213_360113614191305_7935932228470541410_n10613080_360112454191421_9065508295164043194_n1907520_360113160858017_5247247687401561316_n10418213_360113614191305_7935932228470541410_n (1)11026109_360113370857996_3924900923941877122_n


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